Aero Club Rothenburg o. T. e. V



The Aero Club Rothenburg o.T. e. V. is a registered, non-profit association, whose aim and purpose, is the care and promotion of air sports. Special focuses:


       - Working with youth and exposing

          them to the joys of aeronautics


        - The promotion and continuous optimization

           of aeronautical activities through professional training with well     

           maintained high quality aircraft and equipment.

        - Friendly companionable club life with regular schedules meetings.

        -  We have well-developed and friendly relations with local land owners and  

           facility managers.

The ACR has at present approx. 150 members, approx. 100 active pilots in the areas of:


        - Single Engine Aircraft flight (piston)

        - Glider flight

        - Microlight flights


The ACR is leaded by a volunteer board.