Engine powered flying

Motor flight


Comfortable and flexible


Nowadays the motorized aircraft has become an attractive piece of sports equipment. There is a great variety of options to use accordingly.  

The sporting aspect is determined by national and international competitions in the field of aerobatics, rally- and precision flights. Additionally there are e. g. navigation- and reliability tests. Rally flights and flightseeing are further aspects besides the often practical use of motorized flying, which means to bridge a long distance in a time-saving, comfortable manner without any traffic jams.

Training can be started from the age of 17 and is completed after having passed the test for gaining the private pilot license for engine-powered flight. Everyone who already has the license for gliding flight, motorized gliding or microlights, may reduce the number of training hours accordingly. Physical fitness  must be certified by a flight surgeon, such as for all other aviation sports (except aeromodelling), prior to start the training.